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Frontex seeks Senior Liaison Officer to Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia

Frontex >5l stanowisko kierownicze/ Senior Level  Anywhere 18 Dec 2017

Job Description

The role of the Frontex Senior Liaison Officer to the EU Member States is to foster cooperation and dialogue between Frontex and the national authorities responsible for border management, return and coast guard functions, to the extent that they carry out border control tasks, with the aim to bring mutual added value to border security and to ensure the regular monitoring of the management of the external borders. Frontex Senior Liaison Officer has to have an overview of all ongoing activities and deployments conducted by the Agency in the Member States he is assigned to.

1. The Frontex Senior Liaison Officers to the EU Member States are responsible, inter alia, for:
a) facilitating and enhancing the cooperation between Frontex and the relevant border management authorities of the assigned Member States;
b) representing the Frontex Executive Director in relations with the relevant national authorities;
c) supporting the collection of information relating to irregular migration, cross-border crime, return and other challenges at the external borders and contributing to risk analysis;
d) contributing to vulnerability assessment through provision of relevant information and data;
e) monitoring and reporting on the measures taken by the respective Member States at their border sections, including in situations requiring urgent action at the external borders;
f) promoting the application of the Union acquis relating to the management of the external borders and thereby contributing to the EU Internal Security, including respect for fundamental rights;
g) where possible, assisting the Member States in preparing its contingency plans concerning border management;
h) effective information sharing between Frontex and the border management authorities of the assigned Member States;
i) reporting regularly to the Headquarters, Executive Director or the managers designated by him on the situation at the external borders, on the capacity of the Member States concerned to deal effectively with the situation at the external borders as well as on the execution of return and prereturn activities.

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